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How to set background image margin in css?

Background images, just as the name implies, are part of the BACKGROUND of a website, not part of the actual content. The most common place to add a background image to, is the entire canvas – aka the body tag.

The CSS to add an image to a body tag is simple:

body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }

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How to Add a Background Image with CSS

Background images, just as the name implies, are part of the BACKGROUND of a website, not part of the actual content. The most common place to add a background image to, is the entire canvas – aka the body tag.

The CSS to add an image to a body tag is simple:

      background: url(bgimage.jpg);

I’m just using a random image for demonstration purposes, and THIS this is what we get. And we can note the following:

  1.     It’s a very beautiful flower (grew in my house)
  2.     It repeats itself and covers the entire background – that is called ’tiling’ (think bathroom)
  3.     It pretty much makes it impossible to read the actual page content

There are also special background images that are designed to tile unnoticeable -for example this one:

CSS also gives us the tools to direct our background image how we want it. The default, as you can see, is that it repeats itself horizontally AND vertically to fill the entire background, regardless of size. Sometimes we might want the image appear only horizontally or vertically – and maybe not directly on the edge of the viewing area.

body { background: url(bgimage.jpg) repeat-x bottom; }

body { background: url(bgimage.jpg) no-repeat #f6f1b9 fixed top right; padding-right: 250px; } 

Article Source:

body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }
body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }
body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }
body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }

7 Helpful Tools for Quikly CSS Development

CSS development is a major part of web design; however, it takes a significant amount of time and effort for a web designer to develop CSS from scratch. The good thing is, there are some great tools out there which make this tedious task much simpler. These CSS Development tools will help you in simplifying  the process and cut your workload in half.
Here is a list of useful CSS development tools that professional CSS developers use. Let’s explore them and get ready to make life easy.


PCSS allows you to write CSS code quickly by helping you optimize the code by defining variables, default unit, class nesting etc – very useful for CSS developers trying to minimize codes.

Sencha Animator

Sencha Animator is a desktop app with which you can create CSS3 animations for touch screen mobile devices and WebKit browsers. You can create text and picture animations, design buttons, apply gradients and do many more things with Sencha Animator.

Layer Styles

This tool offers a GUI with which you can create CSS. Layer Styles can be compared with Photoshop or other image editing tools; the only difference is it is browser based and allows you to create CSS code t the backend.


This tool allows you to prefix your CSS3 code easily. There is a prefix button on the website; by simply clicking on it you can add all vendor prefixes to your CSS code.

CSS Pivot

With CSS Pivot you can get the style of your website improved by different people. CSS styles can be added to the websites and the result is generated with a short link.

The Web Font Combinator

This tool allows you to preview certain combination of fonts – how they are looking together on the web page. For example, you want to test how Verdana goes as a body text font with Calibri header font. Unless you apply the font, you would not be able to understand whether the combination looks good or not. The Web Font Combinator allows changing the fonts and modifying text easily.


This tools can be very useful for email designers. Fractal is a validator basically – it crawls your design and lets you know which part of the HTML, CSS is not supported by certain email clients. It includes more than 24 email clients.


Latest 5 Cool Yet Free Online Tools for CSS Optimization

CSS is the web standard. It is the today and tomorrow of most of the graphics seen on the web. CSS3 and now, the latest CSS4 have even started to challenge JavaScript for day-to-day tasks.
But one cannot use CSS to its full potential unless he uses optimized code. And for that, one needs high quality tools for CSS Optimization.
These tools we are sharing today are free online tools that can parse, check, format, beautify, clean, validate, compress and optimize your CSS code for today’s web.

Online Tools for CSS Optimization

This is a brilliant resource for all web designers.
Probably my favorite tool for optimizing large size CSS files. Devilous smartens your CSS code by removing unnecessary codes and making them tidy, clean and slick. This is probably the best CSS code compressor available on the internet right now. It also supports CSS 3.0

The tool claims to be the greatest tool for sorting out your CSS codes. And you know what… it’s hard to argue with that. This tool really does the job better than anyone else. It can parse your code, sort your code alphabetically and through other standards, checks, formats and optimizes your CSS code. Supports up to CSS4 (Yes, there is a CSS4).
Almost the same as CSS Comb but CSS Beautifier does not sorts your code as powerfully as CSS Comb does. Sometimes web templates and themes come with difficult to read CSS files. You just copy the code and paste in this CSS tool and voila!
CSS Lint is one of the truest CSS tools for code optimization. It can do loads of stuff. Details would take too much time, so just go to site and click the arrow button on the right side of Lint button.
This is one of the simplest CSS tools. It compresses and minifies your CSS code and converts the file into Gzip format. This tool also supports JavaScript.

5 Amazing Creative CSS Approaches

Nowadays, web designers are offered a wealth of tools that will help them do everything from organizing and creating a particular design to debugging their final design. However, it seems that HTML codes are not enough when it comes to designing a dynamic and reactive web design where learning and implementing CSS could be the best option. CSS provides a lot of benefits from faster loading time, less time to create and update new pages, and easier maintenance. Here are the most responsive CSS  approches website designs that you can draw inspiration from and use for your own design.


Cymetriq offers a portfolio-style website where you can use a number of varied styles and elements for a unique-looking site.  It allows users to scroll down from top to bottom for the gallery samples for styles and designs and hover over the navigation bar to check for its CSS elements.


Based on the Little Big Planet game, the style of this website allows you to navigate a seemingly random direction that takes you through the numerous stages of the design process that the Dego team claims to take their potential clients from the brainstorming to the launching of the website, and its success.


The WeAreX3 website offers a unique way to hire an intern for their internship design. It made use of sci-fi design that combines a unique horizontal page scroll and vertical elements. If you visit their site, you will be tasked to scroll down the pages and the website hopes that the unique look they are offering will attract the kind of design intern that they are looking for.

Lift Interactive

With Lift Interactive, you are assured of simple and effects that will not messed up your web page. It has many tricks up its sleeves as once you click something like the header image, you will be redirected to a layered page that has 3D book effects. The movement of the header images is cool as well.

Vzug offers a dynamic timeline that provides details about the company’s 100-year evolution. Rather than being displayed on a static page with photo, it provides an attractive-looking design and annotated page.  The woman detailing the company’s history look appropriate for the era mentioned, which made it more visually appealing to its target audience, the housewives.


Amazing CSS Exclusions and Shapes on the Road

In early April, I had the opportunity to speak at HTML5 Dev Conf in San Francisco about how web standards, including Exclusions & Shapes, are advancing faster than ever. The talk took a brief tour through the history of CSS, and examined more recent developments in the W3C process and the web in general. If you’re interested in taking a look, the slides are available on GitHub.
Last week, CSS Exclusions also made a MAX debut. We even got mentioned in Monday’s keynote (look for us around the 41:30 mark).
At MAX, I also presented Exclusions as part of a lab exploring new web layout features, many of which are still very experimental. The lab contained exercises utilizing parts of the FlexBoxGridRegionsExclusionsShapes, and Web Components specifications to create several different page layouts. The lab materials have since been posted online, along with the intro slides, so feel free to take a peek.

Thank you to everyone who attended these sessions. Now it’s time to get back to work with the Exclusions and Shapes team and make these features happen.

Coolest 7 Free Dropdown Menus in HTML5 and CSS3

With the advent of HTML5, jQuery and CSS3, designing and development were totally revolutionized. They are far more advanced and offer many features and various techniques can be applied using them. They are quite easy and quick to manage too. Using these languages you can create a plethora of amazing effects and looks with ease, which were extremely tough to achieve before them. Amateur and professional designers/developers like using and experimenting with them. If you want to learn new and amazing techniques, then tutorials are the things that can help out. Online tutorials are a hassle free way of learning anything whenever you want – and thanks to the hardworking designer/developer community, new tutorials are coming out every single day.
If you wish to learn how you can create beautiful dropdown menu by using CSS3 and HTML5 quickly, then you would be happy to know that in this post we are going to share a collection of some awesome CSS3 menu tutorials. We are only going to focus on learning to create efficient and eye-catching CSS3 dropdown menus only. Almost all the tutorials given below showcase different experiment done using CSS3 and HTML5, thus they all teach you some unique stuff.
So check these tutorials out and polish your CSS3, jQuery and HTML5 skills and learn new techniques. We really hope that you would like this collection and find it useful. Here are the 25 Best Free Dropdown Menu HTML5, jQuery and CSS3 Tutorials:

CSS3 dropdown menu

Demo | Download )

Creating a cool CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Demo | Download )

HTML5 Canvas Navigation menu with Fire

Demo | Download )

How to Create a CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Responsive CSS3 Menu with Dropdown

Demo | Download )

Office Style CSS3 Multilevel Menu

Demo | Download )

Musical drop down menu

Demo | Download )

CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Demo | Download )

6 Useful HTML5 Sliders

Nowadays, websites have become more fancy and dynamic and boast a lot of animation and moving objects – thanks to the advancements in the designing industry. A few years back websites had simple and boring web pages with content on them static and unattractive. This thing has changed now due to the excessive use of sliders. The latest trend in the designing industry is that of sliders that glides and slides across the page and enhances the overall feel of the website and allows highlighting certain elements of your choice.
With the advent of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, integrating sliders into your website has become quite easy. The HTML5 sliders / CSS3 sliders / jQuery slider are easy to use and add life to your webpage and make it more eye-catching. Visitors would find your website more interactive, interesting and attractive. We have for you all a list of 12 Useful HTML5 Sliders to Save your Time. These are easy to use and time-saving. So check them out and pick the ones that suit your needs the best. Here goes the list:

CCSlider – jQuery 3d Slideshow Plugin

It is a unique and fully responsive jQuery slideshow plugin that supports 3D transitions. It offers 14 beautiful 3D transitions and also 16 amazing 2D transitions. Falling back to 2D transitions, for the browsers of your choice, where 3D transitions are not supported is also possible. It boasts support for HTML captions, autoplay of slides, custom HTML content and custom transitions per slide. It is optimized for working in mobile devices and is touch enabled.

This one has a fluid and responsive layout that adapts according to the width and height of the div of your choice. Its code is pure OOP JavaScript without any jQuery or other libraries, so it is compatible with almost all HTML pages.

This one allows creating a really cool fullscreen photo slideshow with sound added with the HTML5 audio element. Vegas jQuery plugin has been used to create the slideshow, while audio is managed with Buzz, a JavaScript audio library. On the whole it is a really cool slideshow which looks beautiful.

It is also fluid and can adapt to the size of the parent container. It boasts four different embed styles: Fixed Dimensions, Full Width, Full Screen and Lightbox Style, which you can choose according to your needs. It is fully XML driven, making it really handy to install and maintain. It is also optimized for mobile devices.

This slideshow is built on top of the new HTML5 canvas element that allows creating and modifying graphics, while also using other element on the page. It is a beautiful slideshow with a fancy and attractive transitioning effect. It is compatible with modern browsers and older browsers as well.

This slider gallery comes in three different embed styles: Fixed Dimensions, Full Width and Full Screen. It is extremely easy to install and manage as it is XML driven. It displays images in a unique and interesting way and it can fit the browser viewport regardless of the screen resolution. It is fluid and can thus adapt to different sizes of the parent container. It is also optimized for mobile devices.


Latest Five Tutorials For Creating Buttons in CSS3

Buttons are a very important element of any web design. It enhances the feel and beauty of the design and has an impact on its overall look. Buttons can make the design more interesting and unique and add some spice to it. This is the reason why designers are always trying to be creative in designing eye-catching buttons.
Buttons are usually made using CSS3, as CSS3 is a comparatively easy to learn language and can be used easily and quickly. CSS3 allows creating beautiful stuff efficiently and in a hassle-free fun way. CSS3 totally revolutionized the designing industry as it offers some really amazing features and has the ability of creating fabulous effects, without using external resources such as Flash etc. Below we present a list of 30 Tutorials For Creating Buttons in CSS3. It has got some amazing and easy-to-follow tutorials which will help you learn some new techniques.

Glossy Buttons With CSS3 Gradient

Create 3D Social Media Buttons with CSS3

Demo || Tutorial

Crafting Minimal Circular 3D Buttons with CSS

How to Create Fancy Animated Buttons in CSS3

Creating a 3D Button in CSS3


5 Free Download HTML5 & CSS3 Templates

HTML5 / CSS3 came up to totally revolutionize the web designing and development industry. These two languages totally ameliorated the way websites were created before – thanks to all the amazing features they boast.
HTML5 / CSS3 template are extremely popular nowadays as they allow the websites to be created in a much easier way and also enhance the beauty of the web pages. These also save the money, time and effort one is required to put in to make a custom website or get it made. Thus, templates prove to be great alternatives. The best thing about these templates is that they are compatible to all browsers with its complete functionality and features. It is easy to use and offers a lot amazing features.
A huge number of free HTML5/CSS3 templates are available out there, but we have chosen some of the best free templates for you all. Simply download them and use where ever you want. Below is the list..

EscapEvelocity Responsive Html5 Theme

Demo || Download )

Base 2013 Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo || Download )
Base 2013 Responsive Html5 Theme

zBoomMusic Responsive Html5 Theme

Demo || Download )
zBoomMusic Responsive Html5 Theme

zParalexy Responsive Html5 Theme

Demo || Download )

BurnStudio Responsive Html5 Theme

Demo || Download )
BurnStudio Responsive Html5 Theme

Best 3 Useful HTML5 Tools For Web Developers

HTML5 tools are useful tools that serve and aid web developers and designers because of its awesome features. This is actually the contemporary language in presenting website content online. HTML5 tools for web developers allows webmasters to incorporate images, video, fonts, audio, animations, and the drag & drop in your web pages. Another perks of it is the compatibility it provides to the old website designs whether it’s HTML or HTML 4. In order to take advantage and witness the latest designs, here are the 23 useful HTML5 tools that any webmasters can use in order to stay ahead and up-to-date.

Adobe Edge Animate

When you need to create content and animation that can be compatible on any browser, regardless if it’s Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or others, you can use this HTML software that provides integrated tools for all-in-one-place creation.
For an HTML site that presents beauty and responsiveness for both users and visitors alike, the Edge Reflow CC from Adobe helps you complete your projects with efficiency and quality.

If you are unsure of what fonts you will use for your website, using the Typekit site, along with tools available, could provide you real-time previews that would give you a bird’s eye view of the best font that would work out for your customized page.


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