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8 Flat Web Design Amazing Example

Flat design is the latest and most widely used trend nowadays which depicts the era of development and modernity perfectly. This design is extremely modern and attractive with no extra or unnecessary effects such as drop shadows, gradients, bevels,  subtle textures or animation etc; instead it makes use of some bold and solid typography and colors etc. This design helps you present you content in a nice and neat looking way. Its simplicity is also quite eye-catching. Flat design can be seen in various different types of websites nowadays, regardless of their niche. This straight-forward and to-the-point design which is exactly what its name suggests: Flat! Flat, obviously refers to something without the 3D effects. This design is quite fresh and neat as it makes use of some really awesome colors, typography etc.
We have already covered various different aspects of flat design in our previous posts and we have got yet another amazing post regarding it. Today we share with you a list of 40 Examples of Flat Web Design, which will definitely inspire you to create something similarly beautiful and attractive. So check this collection out and get inspired! So without any further ado, here goes the collection..

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7 Web Designs Of Unusual Navigation

Navigation plays a vital role in the ranking and development of any website. It is the major component which relates directly to the success or failure of any website. Navigational components and its architecture design describe how much a website is friendly with users and how it helps the user to find the content to which they are looking for. After the creation and development of any website, Navigational design is the most important thing which needs to be taken care of.
There are many creative navigational web designs which are often marked as un-usual because of their out-of-the-box structure. The major reason behind constructing these types of navigational structure is to explore the creative side of surfer. These navigational elements just don’t provide user a unique experience, but also fulfill the purpose for which they are actually made of. Some of these un-usual navigational web designs have been marked as truly compatible and user friendly because of their understandable and attractive architecture and assortment.




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