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5 HTML5 Website Makers to Make Without Coding html5 Website

Here are the top 5 HTML5 website builders for 2013. The best thing about all of them is that they don’t require any coding skills for the average user to build a HTML5 website.   This will allow anybody to create a website that can be displayed well on different devices, from laptops to mobile phones. Best of all, they provide beautiful HTML5 website templates so that even with no design or coding skills, your website will look good and professional.
Currently, there are many website builders in the market but no many are based on HTML5 technology. The advantage of using HTML5 is that you don’t need to use any Flash technology to create the animation effects. Since no Flash is used, it can be displayed well in any devices including iPads.  Most of there html 5 website builders also come with html5 templates that have already been optimized to look good everywhere.

1: Wix

Wix has been a power house in website building for a long time. They have continuously improve their technology to make it easier for the average user to build beautiful websites without programming.  In the past, Wix is known for being a Flash based website builder. However, they have since shifted their technology into HTML5, which is great news for users.  Best of all, they offer a nice free trial. This will allow you to test drive how Wix’s HTML5 website builder works before committing to their platform

2: IMCreator

IMCreator has come on strong onto the html5 website builder scene. Despite only coming to the scene in 2011,  it has moved quickly and created lots of useful features for its users. One of the benefits of being a latecomer is that it uses the latest technology, relative to older platforms. Imcreator is completely based on HTML5 technology, which enables a very quick drag and drop capability.

3: Weebly

Weebly came from a startup incubator called Ycombinator. It started with a Flash website builder but has announced in May 2013 that it is adding HTML5 capabilities to its website builder.  This makes it easier for anyone to create HTML5 website using Weebly without any coding knowledge. With this service, you get to create 2 websites for free. If you want to create more sites, you will then need to join their premium plans.

4: Strikingly

Strikingly is a very new service that also came from Ycombinator. Unlike the others, Strikingly focuses on creating mobile websites using the latest HTML5 templates. Due to such focus, they specialise in making it super easy for businesses to quickly create a single page mobile presence for their company with no coding.

5: Breezi

Breezi is a also a relatively new service that use HTML5 technologies to make website building easier without Flash. It has a powerful HTML5 website builder that lets you change almost anything without touching a line of code. It also has beautiful templates that you can use to make website creating a much faster process.


Add HTML5 video to your site

Video on the Web

Until now, there has not been a standard for showing a video/movie on a web page.

Today, most videos are shown through a plug-in (like flash). However, different browsers may have different plug-ins.

HTML5 defines a new element which specifies a standard way to embed a video/movie on a web page: the <video> element.

HTML5 Video - How It Works

<video width="320" height="240" controls>
  <source src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  <source src="movie.ogg" type="video/ogg">
Your browser does not support the video tag.

The control attribute adds video controls, like play, pause, and volume.

It is also a good idea to always include width and height attributes. If height and width are set, the space required for the video is reserved when the page is loaded. However, without these attributes, the browser does not know the size of the video, and cannot reserve the appropriate space to it. The effect will be that the page layout will change during loading (while the video loads).

You should also insert text content between the <video> and </video> tags for browsers that do not support the <video> element.

The <video> element allows multiple <source> elements. <source> elements can link to different video files. The browser will use the first recognized format.


How to set background image margin in css?

Background images, just as the name implies, are part of the BACKGROUND of a website, not part of the actual content. The most common place to add a background image to, is the entire canvas – aka the body tag.

The CSS to add an image to a body tag is simple:

body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }

« Deleting Browser Default Settings in CSS
Styling different links differently with CSS »
How to Add a Background Image with CSS

Background images, just as the name implies, are part of the BACKGROUND of a website, not part of the actual content. The most common place to add a background image to, is the entire canvas – aka the body tag.

The CSS to add an image to a body tag is simple:

      background: url(bgimage.jpg);

I’m just using a random image for demonstration purposes, and THIS this is what we get. And we can note the following:

  1.     It’s a very beautiful flower (grew in my house)
  2.     It repeats itself and covers the entire background – that is called ’tiling’ (think bathroom)
  3.     It pretty much makes it impossible to read the actual page content

There are also special background images that are designed to tile unnoticeable -for example this one:

CSS also gives us the tools to direct our background image how we want it. The default, as you can see, is that it repeats itself horizontally AND vertically to fill the entire background, regardless of size. Sometimes we might want the image appear only horizontally or vertically – and maybe not directly on the edge of the viewing area.

body { background: url(bgimage.jpg) repeat-x bottom; }

body { background: url(bgimage.jpg) no-repeat #f6f1b9 fixed top right; padding-right: 250px; } 

Article Source:

body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }
body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }
body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }
body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }body { background: url(bgimage.jpg); }

Cool Attractive jQuery Tab Module

Tabulous.js is a great jQuery tab module. With its supports of animations while loading its tab content, I reckon you can use this plugin to create a cool website layout.
Imagine this, you use tabs as navigation menu, and load your website content with a few supported animation effect such as Scale, Slide left, Slide Right and Flip. Simple as that, you just create a good looking web layout with I Developments. Go ahead and see the demo, you need to play with it to understand what I meant.


  • Easy to setup
  • Support animation effect - Scale/Slide Left/ Slide Right/ Flip
  • Lightweight


More Details


Latest Effects Of JQuery Plugins

Just found this useful plugin, in cas eyou are looking for a way to add nice hover effects, this plugin is ideal.

Available Options:

  • startEffect : Default style of image
  • hoverEffect : Image style on mouse over
  • imageOpacity : opacity of image considered when start effect is transparent or overlay
  • animSpeed : Animation speed for the effect
  • fillColor : Overlay color
  • textColor : Text Color
  • overlayText : Default HTML to be displayed on overlay
  • slices : Number of slices for slice animations
  • boxCols : Number of boxes in a row for box animations
  • boxRows : Number of rows for box animations
  • popOutMargin : Margin of Image popout
  • popOutShadow : Shadow length of popout image. Shadow works for those browsers which support text-shadow css.

Start Effects

  • transparent
  • normal
  • overlay
  • grayscale
  • Hover Effects:
  • normal
  • popout
  • sliceDown
  • sliceDownLeft
  • sliceUp
  • sliceUpLeft
  • sliceUpRandom
  • sliceUpDown
  • sliceUpDownLeft
  • fold
  • foldLeft
  • boxRandom
  • boxRain
  • boxRainReverse
  • boxRainGrow
  • boxRainGrowReverse
Demo and more info

The Most Amazing JQuery Sliders

Hi everyone. We are proud to present our latest product : jQuery Slider Shock. A fully responsive slider and the most complete over the web right now. Available for you to download it as a jQuery code to use it wherever you need, or as a plugin for the most used CMS: WordPress. We wanted to make something that could take advantage of all the power that the jQuery code has to offer and this is the result. Take a look into this post and the features that our slider has to offer.
Do you want to build your own Slider? Sure, you can do it!. Look at the controls available to do so.
You can test these features in the jQuery slider shock demo site and clicking on the option Build your own. You will see that basically the slider can fit everywhere!. But that is not all, the Slider comes with some good features we cheer you to read below:
  • You can easily add thumbnails on any of the sides of the slider ( top, bottom, left, right ) allowing users to navigate easily between slides.
  • jQuery Slider Shock supports not only images but also allows you to show Videos from YouTube playlists, RSS Feeds, Twitter Feeds, Flickr and Instagram images from an account.
  • You can create an slider from each of the following sources: Custom Slides, Posts (WordPress), Custom Post Types (WP), Taxonomies (WP), External RSS, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Hulu.
  • Create a unique slider adding not only videos or only images, but both of them between slides.
  • Thanks to the shortcode the slider generates, you can add it anywhere inside your pages, posts or widgets. (for WP) or via JS code for non WP environments.
  • You can have as many sliders as you want in the a single page.
  • Add a flat color or a pattern based background the captions in the slides.
  • You can add text or html based captions, including title and description, for WP, caption can also include author and date.
  • You can adjust both the position and width of the slider captions.
  • You can also include external URL images. By doing that, you can add completely different background patterns to your slider.
  • Choose if your images or videos are shown slow or fast defining the delay time.
  • You can choose a fixed width for your images, or adjust them to the 100% of its parent width.
  • Adjust image to where you need them to be using margin values.
  • Add image descriptions within the thumbnail labels and display them on top, bottom, left or right side of your slider.
  • Like the images, the labels can have their own background.
  • Text formating for title and content. Color, size, bold, cursive and family available for them to be set and changed.
  • Show as many slides as you want.
  • Since the slider is fully responsive, you won’t need to worry about your slider stop working on small screen devices.
  • You can adjust both the position and width of your captions.
  • Pick one from 31 available effects (premium) or let them be random.
  • Responsiveness can be deactivated, allowing your slider to remain the same disregarding the screen size.
  • You choose the skin that fits on your site the best from 39 skins.
  • Give your slider a completely different appearance just changing the look of the arrows.

Now  going  to  the  practice,  Lets  take  a  look  into  how  this  looks:

Editing the thumbnails, you can place them whenever you want.

Adding content from twitter, or any other external source: flick, instagram, youtube, vimeo, rss, etc

Adding content from YouTube with no captions or thumbs.

No captions at all, only images taken from custom post in wordpress or jquery.

Inserting content from Instagram, you can change the colors and sizes of everything.

If you like it, don’t miss the chance to check this amazing slider.

You may go now and feel free to start using the slider. Be one of the first people to have it and show it!. You can choose now between a personal license to start using the slider for free, or a commercial license to have access to everything. even to modify it. You can check the pricing options by going to the page. If you already have downloaded jQuery Slider Shock, dont forget to read the documentation to guide yourself for further assistance.
We hope you have enjoyed this post. We are always glad to bring you our material. Looking forward to bring you more in the future.


Cool Productivity Tools For Designers

Let’s face it: the life of the average freelance web designer isn’t always that rose garden you were promised by your drunken 9 to 5 friends down at the pub. You are responsible for everything, from designing to billing, while having to manage your time wisely and efficiently. Here are 10 tools that will help you do just that, allowing you to spend a little bit more time designing, and a little less time figuring out what you were supposed to do next.

Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to create, manage and upload your files from your desktop, and then access them from any computer or smart phone. You actually must have it if you’re working as a part of a team, since each of you will be able to modify documents from anywhere in the world. And for those private freelance souls who live in constant fear of a hard disk crash, it will allow to sleep that much easier.


Why run around from this computer to that laptop to find your bookmarks? Xmarks syncs all of your bookmarks and favorites across browsers (they support Firefox, Cgrome, Explorer and Safari) and computers. There’s also a function of a “Smarter Search”, which promises to highlight the top sites in your search according to how other users have bookmarked and rated them.


Even the invincible Batman had Alfred to remind him of the day’s chores on an especially hung-over morning, so why should you struggle to remember every little thing? Subernova tracks time left for projects, allows you to create tasks to team members, send invoices and estimates, schedule an email to a client (or your mother, if need be) and even includes a time-tracker so you can charge a project by time.

Remember the Milk

Another good (and free of charge, which makes it even better) time-management tool. Remember the milk allows you to create and manage multiple task lists from any computer and smart phone, as well as offline. You can also add locations to tasks and organize your tasks by tags. As of July 2011, the site boasts of over 2.5 million registered users.

Browser Shots

This beautiful tool makes screenshots of your website in every browser. How is this done? You start by submitting your site URL, select the browsers you want to inspect, grab a coffee while you wait for Browser Shots to do its thing, and these get uploaded to your site.

Designers Tool Box

A clever tool for both Print and web designers, since it saves that time you spend pondering on envelope sizes, DVD/CD covers and labels, business card sizes and much more. Web designers will get a kick out of the web safe areas, banner sizes, web browser elements, HTML characters, etc.

URL Stats

Websitegrader and WooRank are both solid and free SEO tools that measure how well your site is doing on the web. Both offer various measurements of traffic and social media popularity. WooRank also provides you with a delightful masochistic feature – checking out your competitors’ performance.


Amazing 6 Wireframe Tools For Fit Your Budget And Design Needs

Wireframes have become indispensable for professional web and software development projects. They help all parties involved—the client, managers, graphic designers and developers—to visualize the final product and identify potential problems early on in the process, thereby minimizing the headaches at later stages.
While paper and pen are great tools for sketching initial wireframes and experimenting with early design ideas, further work is best done using a software application that supports editing and versioning. In this article, I will introduce you to ten very different wireframing tools with price tags ranging from free to several hundred dollars.

PowerMockup—Wireframing Add-on for PowerPoint

PowerMockup is an add-on that turns Microsoft PowerPoint into a wireframe tool. It adds a new panel to the PowerPoint window, which contains hundreds of wireframe elements and icons that can easily be positioned on a slide via drag-and-drop. PowerMockup works with Office 2007, 2010, and 2013 for Windows. A single-user license for PowerMockup costs $59.95; team licenses are available with significant volume discounts.

Moqups—Online Mockup and Wireframing Tool

Moqups is an online HTML5 application that produces clean vector-based wireframes. Developed by a team of six passionate engineers from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, it is completely free, and there is no requirement to register. Just recently, an optional premium version was introduced with live collaboration, master pages, unlimited revisions, and other interesting features.

Fluid UI—Online Prototyping Tool for iOS, Android, and Windows Apps

Fluid UI is a web-based prototyping tool for mobile apps. It can be used to create everything from low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity mockups and prototypes. The tool comes with libraries of UI elements for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 apps. An account for one project with up to ten screens is available free, and paid plans start at $29 per month.—Free Minimal Online Wireframing Tool distinguishes itself from other wireframing tools by having an extremely simple interface without many bells and whistles. When you visit the website, you can immediately start drawing by clicking and dragging the mouse across the canvas. To save a wireframe, you simply click the “Save” button, and a unique URL will be generated that you can bookmark and share with others. is free to use; a paid-premium version with additional features is expected shortly.

Axure RP—Extensive Wireframing Suite

With prices beginning at $289 for a standard license, Axure RP is not exactly a bargain. The tool’s extensive feature set, however, may justify the price tag for some users. Axure can be used for not only creating simple wireframe sketches but also generating complex prototypes and specification documents. Other advanced features worth mentioning are the abilities to share prototypes with clients, manage feedback and discussions, and collaborate with team members. Being a desktop software, Axure is available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Balsamiq Mockups—Flash-Based Rapid Wireframing Tool

Balsamiq Mockups is one of the best-known wireframing tools. Originally released in 2008 by a single developer, it is now used by tens of thousands of clients and is supported by a team of eleven full-time employees. Balsamiq Mockups aims to reproduce the experience of drawing sketches on paper, which is why it produces wireframes that look rough and not like formal designs. The tool can be used in the browser (Flash required) or downloaded as an Adobe Air application. A single-user license costs $79.

Source :

7 Helpful Tools for Quikly CSS Development

CSS development is a major part of web design; however, it takes a significant amount of time and effort for a web designer to develop CSS from scratch. The good thing is, there are some great tools out there which make this tedious task much simpler. These CSS Development tools will help you in simplifying  the process and cut your workload in half.
Here is a list of useful CSS development tools that professional CSS developers use. Let’s explore them and get ready to make life easy.


PCSS allows you to write CSS code quickly by helping you optimize the code by defining variables, default unit, class nesting etc – very useful for CSS developers trying to minimize codes.

Sencha Animator

Sencha Animator is a desktop app with which you can create CSS3 animations for touch screen mobile devices and WebKit browsers. You can create text and picture animations, design buttons, apply gradients and do many more things with Sencha Animator.

Layer Styles

This tool offers a GUI with which you can create CSS. Layer Styles can be compared with Photoshop or other image editing tools; the only difference is it is browser based and allows you to create CSS code t the backend.


This tool allows you to prefix your CSS3 code easily. There is a prefix button on the website; by simply clicking on it you can add all vendor prefixes to your CSS code.

CSS Pivot

With CSS Pivot you can get the style of your website improved by different people. CSS styles can be added to the websites and the result is generated with a short link.

The Web Font Combinator

This tool allows you to preview certain combination of fonts – how they are looking together on the web page. For example, you want to test how Verdana goes as a body text font with Calibri header font. Unless you apply the font, you would not be able to understand whether the combination looks good or not. The Web Font Combinator allows changing the fonts and modifying text easily.


This tools can be very useful for email designers. Fractal is a validator basically – it crawls your design and lets you know which part of the HTML, CSS is not supported by certain email clients. It includes more than 24 email clients.


Latest 5 Cool Yet Free Online Tools for CSS Optimization

CSS is the web standard. It is the today and tomorrow of most of the graphics seen on the web. CSS3 and now, the latest CSS4 have even started to challenge JavaScript for day-to-day tasks.
But one cannot use CSS to its full potential unless he uses optimized code. And for that, one needs high quality tools for CSS Optimization.
These tools we are sharing today are free online tools that can parse, check, format, beautify, clean, validate, compress and optimize your CSS code for today’s web.

Online Tools for CSS Optimization

This is a brilliant resource for all web designers.
Probably my favorite tool for optimizing large size CSS files. Devilous smartens your CSS code by removing unnecessary codes and making them tidy, clean and slick. This is probably the best CSS code compressor available on the internet right now. It also supports CSS 3.0

The tool claims to be the greatest tool for sorting out your CSS codes. And you know what… it’s hard to argue with that. This tool really does the job better than anyone else. It can parse your code, sort your code alphabetically and through other standards, checks, formats and optimizes your CSS code. Supports up to CSS4 (Yes, there is a CSS4).
Almost the same as CSS Comb but CSS Beautifier does not sorts your code as powerfully as CSS Comb does. Sometimes web templates and themes come with difficult to read CSS files. You just copy the code and paste in this CSS tool and voila!
CSS Lint is one of the truest CSS tools for code optimization. It can do loads of stuff. Details would take too much time, so just go to site and click the arrow button on the right side of Lint button.
This is one of the simplest CSS tools. It compresses and minifies your CSS code and converts the file into Gzip format. This tool also supports JavaScript.

5 Amazing Creative CSS Approaches

Nowadays, web designers are offered a wealth of tools that will help them do everything from organizing and creating a particular design to debugging their final design. However, it seems that HTML codes are not enough when it comes to designing a dynamic and reactive web design where learning and implementing CSS could be the best option. CSS provides a lot of benefits from faster loading time, less time to create and update new pages, and easier maintenance. Here are the most responsive CSS  approches website designs that you can draw inspiration from and use for your own design.


Cymetriq offers a portfolio-style website where you can use a number of varied styles and elements for a unique-looking site.  It allows users to scroll down from top to bottom for the gallery samples for styles and designs and hover over the navigation bar to check for its CSS elements.


Based on the Little Big Planet game, the style of this website allows you to navigate a seemingly random direction that takes you through the numerous stages of the design process that the Dego team claims to take their potential clients from the brainstorming to the launching of the website, and its success.


The WeAreX3 website offers a unique way to hire an intern for their internship design. It made use of sci-fi design that combines a unique horizontal page scroll and vertical elements. If you visit their site, you will be tasked to scroll down the pages and the website hopes that the unique look they are offering will attract the kind of design intern that they are looking for.

Lift Interactive

With Lift Interactive, you are assured of simple and effects that will not messed up your web page. It has many tricks up its sleeves as once you click something like the header image, you will be redirected to a layered page that has 3D book effects. The movement of the header images is cool as well.

Vzug offers a dynamic timeline that provides details about the company’s 100-year evolution. Rather than being displayed on a static page with photo, it provides an attractive-looking design and annotated page.  The woman detailing the company’s history look appropriate for the era mentioned, which made it more visually appealing to its target audience, the housewives.


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