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Coolest Android Apps For iphone Users

Apple iPhone v/s Android Phones has been in a age long competition in every aspect, but their are still some applications which exist only on Android platform and they have an envious effect on iPhone users. Let’s see which are those apps.
So the next time you see a friend using iPhone, tell him what he is missing from the Google mobile operating system. Brag about it..

Make iPhone Users Envious – Android Apps

All the applications below are only on Android platform and not available in iOS App store, Some of the apps are paid with one time fee and the free apps also has paid versions. If you have seen other app which is likely to be in the list, please add it in comments section below, so that we can update the post and add them here in the article.


Use your Android without touching it. You can easily access your phone remotely via Its free and it lets you do many tasks like photo organisation, playing songs and reply your text messages. With paid version you can also access camera and locate phone if stolen or missing.

SwiftKey KeyboardSwiftKey Keyboard

An excellent keyboard application which let users type words with automation. It understand your writing skills and by learning sentences you make, gives you great option when you need to type the same things again and again. It supports multiple languages and their are many themes to change the look and feel of keyboard appearance on screen.

Nova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher Prime

Nova launcher enable your phone to get new launchers i.e new home screen look. It will surely give iPhone users an envious look as iPhone lacks in customising the home screen. With great app icons drawers and animation you can completely turn around the artistic look of your phone screen


Make profiles with your Android phone and automate tasks like launch music app when plugging the headphones and making phone in silence mode when reaching office with location service. It has to be one of the coolest app in the list.

ASTRO FileAstro File / Cloud Manager

As the name suggest it is an free file manager which enables you to make files, move them freely unlike your iPhone which doesn’t have enough privileges to even move the music files. It makes your phone file organisation much more easier and smooth.
Let us know if you know an applications like these, which are only on Android devices and can simply your life.

Cool Web based project management software With Bitrix 24

Need a solid web based project management software to help coordinate your web design projects among team members? You are in luck as we are giving away 3 free accounts, a powerful online project management software.  Using Bitrix24, you can now better communicate, track and coordinate your work across different locations. With development work getting more  scattered across the globe, this software will help you to reduce your management efforts while ensuring you can deliver your work on time and at an expected quality level.


Bitrix24 has been providing its social intranet product since 2010 and has enjoyed a great success. I first came across it when I was coordinating my work with a friend of mine and he invited me to use Bitrix24. The experience has been great and I am glad that I managed to get Bitrix24 to sponsor this giveaway so that you guys can try this out for yourself.
Here are some of the benefits that I found to be really useful:

Powerful communication capabilities

One of the most important thing in any project management software is the ability to communicate. In the past, this is done purely though email alerts. Bitrix24, on the other hand, offers a diverse mix of communication channels including messaging, voice calls and my personal favorite, the desktop activity stream. That is right. With this capability, you can now view the activities of your team in a Facebook like activity stream right at your desktop. I find this feature to be extremely time consuming and useful..
Some might prefer talking face to face, rather than consuming information passively. That is all catered for due to Bitrix24′s video call functions that are built into the dashboard itself. Calling is as easy as clicking a button.

Private dropbox for your own project

Another big headache with managing projects is file versions. This is especially acute in web design work where there will be many versions floating around and we need to know the right one to work on. This problem is taken care of by Bitrix24 with their own file sharing features. It works as easily as Dropbox. In fact, you can think of it as having your own private Dropbox!
bitrix private dropbox
Best of all, the Bitrix24 Drive comes with its own version controls and privacy settings. These set of features make managing the different file versions a breeze. Trust me. Once you used this, you will find file version control a much similar task.
bitrix file controls

Get money with invoicing functions

Bitrix24 has a powerful CRM that lets you manage your sales flow. They always have this and it works wonderfully. Now, they have added a new feature which I am excited about and that is the ability to issue personalized invoices. In the past, you probably need to get the sales data out from the CRM and re input them into another third party invoicing system. Now, the integration is done via Bitrix24 CRM itself so it saves you yet another step in your workflow.
bitrix invoices

Working on the Go

Being able to take your work anywhere is becoming an important part of our workflow. Bitrix24 does not skim on this feature either. They have full fledged mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. With these mobile apps, you are no longer confined to managing your project at a desktop. Any changes can be immediately entered and shared via the apps so that your team can get the latest update, especially after or during a client’s meeting.
bitrix mobile apps

There are actually a lot of things you can do via Bitrix24. If you are interested to find out more, check out  their online project management software features here.

Prize Details

3 lucky winners get “Startup Licenses” worth $1200 each. It similar to professional license in Bitrix24′s pricing page, but they have a 5GB space and 12 users limit

Latest Amazing Antivirus 2013 Free

One vicious virus could possibly subject your monetary info or halt your computer from functioning at all. Exactly what you require is the very best antivirus softwarefeasible on your computer. Fortunately, several of the very best are additionally entirely free!
Antivirus software gives an important layer of security from a wide variety of virus, trojan, worms, spyware, adware, rootkit, dialer and keylogger infections. Typically antivirus programs simply identified pc virus and spyware cleaners simply found spyware yet nowadays the limit in between antivirus and spyware eliminators is vague. A lot of existing anti-viruses contend the very least fairly great discovery prices of all kinds of malware.
With the substantial rise in malware, antivirus software could not keep up with spotting all of it. Regardless of supplier’s cases, no solitary antivirus remedy, or certainly any type of one safety software, could be counted after for overall defense without secure searching and computer methods.

antivirusTop 4 Best Free Antivirus

There is lots of free antivirus software, numerous of which are merely as qualified as their commercial relatives. We’ve assembled the most effective free antivirus bundles to assist you select the appropriate plan for your requirements.

Avast! Free Antivirus

Avast! Free AntivirusFree Antivirus 8 most definitely should have to be on any type of listing of the best free antivirus programs. Free Antivirus has entirely working antivirus and antispyware engines securing your computer from risks from the Internet, your documents, e-mails, and also instant messages.
avast! Free Antivirus 8 assists Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
One large factor I featured avast! Free Antivirus 8 as a best free antivirus program is due to its self learning engine which could spot formerly not known pc virus and various other malware. The program is easy to set up; a direct user interface makes it simple to utilize; a fast initial check need to determine any type of possible risks on your Personal Computer, and this has very little influence on your system efficiency.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security EssentialsMicrosoft Safety Fundamentals is developed for marketers and small companies, however it’s based upon the exact same modern technology that Microsoft utilizes to safeguard big companies (protection items like Microsoft Leading edge, the Malicious Software Elimination Device, and Windows Protector).
Installing and downloading and install Microsoft Security Essentials is simple and free. It utilizes eco-friendly, red and yellow shade codes to mark the protection standing of your Personal Computer and a color-coded symbol in the taskbar informs you at a glimpse if your focus is required. It’s straightforward – when you’re green, you’re excellent. If there’s a yellow or red hazard, Microsoft Security Essentials will certainly inform you and suggest exactly what to do (you could behave straight from the notice location without having to get in the application).
Runs gently without harming Personal Computer efficiency – Microsoft Security Essentials operates silently behind-the-scenes. When there are certain activities to take, you’ll just be informed. When you’re away or active, Microsoft Security Essentials could take the nonpayment activity on your part and you could open up the program later on to examine and reverse those activities if you want.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Cloud AntivirusAlong with MSE, it is a great selection for normal individuals with a straightforward user interface and totally automated components with automated upgrading and elimination of malware. PCA makes use of ‘cloud’ modern technology to offer for a much quicker launch of updates as all meanings are kept in the cloud and hence the minute Panda updates their blacklist all individuals of PCA with a net link are safeguarded from it.
Panda Cloud Antivirus has a behavioral blocker and internet defense, which will definitely raise your protection. As you could just utilize one of the various other free AV’s with a different behavioral blocker (for more information see our Security Wizard) to attain potentially also much better security, this is not essentially a benefit.
The center antivirus security stays the very same. And while that does not provide the leading diagnosis prices, individual screening reveals it’s extremely qualified, with the program gaining qualification in AntiVirus test’s newest record.

AVG AntiVirus Free 2013

AVG Free AntivirusThis prominent free anti-virus software groups something additional: free anti-spyware defense developed right in. It isn’t really as powerful an anti-virus option as some free rivals, like Avira AntiVir Personal, however the spyware diagnosis makes a convincing reward, particularly taking into consideration that a lot of anti-virus business (featuring Avira) just pack that performance in to their paid package deals.
At $50, the paid variation supplies a much more thorough attribute established– such as security for on-the-spot messages, e-mail, downloads, and identification burglary– yet going for the premium variation is not a requirement if you’re just try to find user friendly, yet efficient, virus defense with a stunning user interface to match.
The free variation additionally offers individuals accessibility to the useful 24-hour phone assistance aside from a straightforward efficiency analyzer and one-time tuneup made to take advantage of your device’s rate and effectiveness. A mobile variation of the defense software with included motivations, such as a distant clean and a phone locator, is likewise offered for Android.

Latest 3 Free Apps To Locate Your Lost Or Stolen For Android Phone

Android OS – a great mobile operating system from Google, which has rapidly taken the market share and giving hard time to already established OS like iOS, RIM, Symbian and others. Recently, reports has shown that it outsmarted RIM and iPhones sale in this quarter. Well, the most obvious reasons for its great showdown is all big companies like HTC, Samsung, Motorola are manufacturing their phones with Android OS installed.
There are many other reasons that users get attracted towards Android phones such as high quality camera, bigger screens, google apps pre-installed, increasing App Marketplace and many other features too. I am an proud owner of Android phone too from last 7 months and it’s working quite great till now.
Due to know why I brought a new Android phone because I lost my iPhone in a restaurant and was not able to recover it. That incident gaves a lesson and believe me since then I always find a good app that helps to track the phone via GPS. Luckily, I found  “Find my Phone” apps that helps you to locate your missing Android phone in no time.
If you don’t want to lose your Android phone in the future, I recommend you to check these “Find my phone” apps too so that you don’t panic at the time you lost your phone. Installing these apps will help you to track down your Android phone when you forget it somewhere, lost it or someone stoled it.
So, have a look on 4 free apps to track Android Phone in no time. If you use any other app for the same reason, please be kind and share with our readers.
1. Lookout Mobile Security : A whole lot more than “Find My Phone” app for Android that allows you to not only locate your device when it is stolen or lost but also helps you to take backup of phone data t regular intervals. This app is also no.1 security apps that will protect you from various malwares or viruses from being attacked your Android Phone. Let’s see what its Find my phone feature does :
  • Find your lost or stolen phone by locating it on a Google map
  • Activate a loud alarm to find your phone nearby, even if it is on silent
  • Locate your phone by remotely enabling GPS, so you can find your phone even if GPS is turned off
  • Log in to from any web browser to locate your phone
2. Plan B : Another great app provided by the developers of Lookout Mobile Security App. This is the first app of its kind that you can download after you have lost your phone. This app is really helpful when you lost your phone and didn’t have any “Find my Phone” app installed in your Android phone. Let’s see how it works :
  • Install Plan B to the phone that you are trying to find from the Android Market website:
  • Plan B will start automatically and send your phone’s location to your Gmail address.
  • If it doesn’t start, borrow a friend’s phone and text the word “locate” to your lost phone.

3. Wheres My Droid : Another “Find my Phone” app, another set of features. If you phone is lost anytime and it’s in silent mode, you can text your phone with the custom set attention word and this app will turn silent mode off and start ringing. There is one other option to set a attention word to get the GPS location of your phone. Some of the features of this app are :


9 PDF Editors Free

There are many ways you can edit a PDF file, and that’s without using Adobe’s Acrobat software. In this article we will see various methods by which we can easily edit a PDF document with the help free PDF editors.
Editing a PDF is not only confined to changes in text, but we can also change the format, layout of elements inside a PDF. For example – if an image is aligned at the top left corner and we want to change its location than with simple drag and drop features we can move the image from top left to top center.

Free PDF Editors

All the editors below have some basic run down steps, when it comes to usage. Mostly have a common way to upload the file and edit in a drag and drop or double-clicking on text.

Its one of the most popular online tools which enables us to edit a PDF file by simply uploading. One more advanced feature of PDFEscape is that it also give you option to edit a password protected PDF file.


With an option of editing metadata this windows software is really a gem, it helps PDF files to be searched on google search with metadata, which is really essential if you have uploaded it for public use.


Another really useful tool which enables you to convert a PDF file into a word document. PDFToword also does the same. By doing this you will be able to edit the file in word and then converting them back into a PDF file.

Foxit Reader

This is a best reader and editor which are free, fast and it lets you edit the text of any PDF. Its one of my favorite tool.


Hosted by sourceforge, this software is easy to us and it enables you to edit the raw PDF objects with many GUI functions.


A simple enough online service where you can convert the PDF to text, just upload and enter your email, where you will get the converted document in minutes.


For OCR image based PDF files which you are looking to edit can be done with the help of this software.


Although its a an free vector drawing tool but it also has capabilities to export and import PDF files.

OpenOffice Draw

It has a extension for PDF import which let users to change the format and adds support to shapes, images, annotations etc.
Let us know, if you have more tools or programs which can edit a PDF file easily. We will be adding it to our list.


9 Cool Sites To Download Free Adobe Photoshop Brushes

As we all know, Photoshop Brushes is the simplest way to give a creative look to your designs and effective tool specially for those who cannot draw good. Even I think that every designer should have lots of Photoshop Brushes installed in his/her toolbar, but sometimes finding right Photoshop Brush for your designs is very difficult.
It doesn’t mean that there is lack of Photoshop Brushes available online. There are thousands of Photoshop Brushes which are available online for free download, but all brushes are not of high quality and it is very often that you might lost yourself in the vastness of resources available online.
To get rid of that, I have compiled a list of websites and some blogs that offerFree Photoshop Brushes of high quality. Please remember that most of these sites are offering royalty-free brushes and you can use them for personal purposes. If you want to use these brushes for commercial purposes, don’t forget to check their terms and conditions first.
Also most of these websites are updated regularly with awesome Photoshop Brushes while others are slow but surely worth while to mentioned here because they are providing some high quality brushes.
If you are looking for some free Photoshop Brushes for your next design project, click on the links or images of the websites to download free Photoshop brushes.
So, here’s the SaveDelete compilation of 65 best websites to download high quality Photoshop Brushes for free. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference.








8 )



The Easy Way To Update Drivers

Ensuring you constantly have the most recent variations of drivers set up can avoid system disputes and hardware troubles, as well as enhance  gaming efficiency.
Drivers are setup files that run your hardware and gadgets. Installing them can be a bit complicated, specifically if they do not set up instantly. Make use of these tools to obtain your drivers up to date, and to see to it that they remain that method.

how to update driversiObit Driver Booster

Scans your system trying to find outdated drivers. It informs you if a discovered driver is Old, Very Old or Ancient, and usefully lets you update it with a single click. You can select which drivers to update or simply struck the Update All button and leave the program to deal with every little thing.
Driver Booster lets you schedule scans, and you can quickly roll back updates must a trouble accompany a freshly set up driver.It’s still in beta, however it appears really steady.

update drivers - slimdriversSlimDrivers

SlimDrivers not just finds when a driver requires upgrading, however likewise determines the appropriate executable for your system and starts the driver set up immediately.
SlimDrivers instantly updates your PC drivers with real-time scanning and cloud innovation. The first cloud-based energy for upgrading and keeping drivers, SlimDrivers offers instantaneous optimization of the communication in between a computer system and its system parts and periperhals, such as printers, sound and graphic cards, motherboards, USB ports, game controllers and various other gadgets and hardware.
SlimDrivers scans a PC, determines the right drivers required, and recovers them from the cloud, immediately setting up the most present, accurate drivers for each specific PC.

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